LE MILIEU DU MONDE (The Middle of the World)
World Zone (detail)

Stainless Steel, Glass, Cold Cathode, Electronics
(GPS Steered Lighting array)
Permantent Installation- bridge deck of the three new Staten Island Ferries
Percent for Art Progarm, Department of Culture, New York City.

The liquid motion of the Compass Portal echoes that of the ferry’s movement over the water via by a delicate system of counterweights.
It’s central feature, a ball of stainless steel engraved with the constellations appearing over the harbor, seems to float upon a set of ever shifting glass plates engraved with names from man’s great ages
of exploration. Located above this world portal a blue light floods the space, fading and intensifying through a series of permutations set by
the relative coordinates of the ferry’s GPS system. The light begins
faintly upon leaving shore, reaching maximum intensity at the midpoint
of the passage, then fades again as the ferry reaches the opposite shore.